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There is a lot to consider when taking an active approach to planning your financial future and while many advisors focus on rate of return, we focus on creating as much certainty as possible around retirement income.

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Have You Ever Considered the Question:

If I can guarantee income, would rate of return even matter? 

Much of the work we do is in creating options for our clients. Options allow our clients to address any economic condition in the future. The ability to address any economic condition – rising taxes, inflation, down markets, etc. – is at the core of creating financial certainty. In order to create options and financial certainty, you’ll need time and proper planning.

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What Does Wealth Management Encompass?

At Gambin Financial Group, it is important to us that we let your goals and the financial plan lead the conversation because they play a strong role in the decisions we make with your investment portfolio.  Additionally, having a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance and past experience is crucial to us delivering recommendations that align with your goals and values.

Many firms will provide cookie-cutter, proprietary portfolios for their clients but we pride ourselves on offering customized solutions to meet your goals.

True Wealth Management incorporates a variety of important aspects and strategies:

  • Savings & Investment Philosophy

  • Retirement Goals

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Time Horizon

  • Tax/loss Harvesting

  • Customized Investment Portfolio Creation

  • Thorough Investment Analysis

  • An Understanding of Your Past Experiences & What You Truly Want Out of An Advisor

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Our Investment Philosophy

For Wealth Management, our investment philosophy is simple and is driven by three core principles.

Take As Little Risk As Possible To Meet The Goal
Strong Asset Allocation & Diversification
We Take A Long Term View. We Don't Believe in Market Timing

How Wealth Management Works

An exceptional client experience is our standard.

Our Financial Professionals will always act in your best interest which means we must maintain a higher standard of care for our clients and we take that seriously.

We Collaborate To Bring Clarity

We gladly coordinate and work with other key professionals in your life. In our effort to bring clarity to your financial situation, many times we are quarterbacking the efforts of a team to finalize estate plans, tax preparation or business entity formation.

We Are Your Personal Financial Team

Above and beyond your semi-annual reviews, we are just a phone call away. You’ll have direct phone numbers and email addresses to your personal financial team – not just a general line.

Your Finances, Reported in Real Time

You will have a personalized website that provides everything from budgeting tools, cash flow analysis, real-time updates on your account and a vault in which we can securely store and aggregate all your important documents.

Portfolio Monitoring & Investment Philosophy

We believe in taking a proactive approach to monitoring your investment portfolio and providing education and resources especially during periods of market volatility. Furthermore, we believe that your portfolio should utilize strategies based on your goals and risk tolerance.

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