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Financial Strategies for Business Owners

Gambin Financial Group helps business owners through every phase of their business life cycle. From startup, to growth, to expansion and finally maturity and exit. There can be a lot of questions and uncertainty along the way. In our thorough, comprehensive financial planning process we take the time to get to know our client’s true desires and goals for their business. Is this economic engine intended to fund an owner’s retirement? Or will this be transitioned to the next generation?  There is a lot to consider, so let us help you gain clarity and a clear path toward financial certainty.

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What can we do for your business?

Balance Sheet efficiencies, asset protection strategies, tax efficiency planning and business owner financial planning are just a few areas that we focus on with our clients. Some of our higher complexity clients also need strategic organizational consulting, concierge advisor coordination and planning/strategies for their high-risk business.

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Our Business Planning Services

Our Business Planning services create clarity and certainty for businesses by actively managing financials in order to mitigate risk, project cash flow, and prepare for the business’ future.

Foundational Business Planning

Foundational Planning Services Include:

Risk Management

  • Risk Audit & Analysis
  • Insurance Review
  • Executive Summary w/ Objectives
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Financial Position Review
  • Insurance plan

Key Objectives & Growth

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Goal Planning
  • Board of Advisors
  • Goal Planning
  • Written Road Map w/ Action Plans

Legacy Planning

  • Estate Planning

Established Business Planning

Includes All Foundational Planning, Plus:

Risk Management

  • Entity Structure
  • Buy/Sell Plan
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Key Info & Legal Review w/ Access to Legal Experts

Tax Planning

  • Adjusted Gross Income Tax Strategies
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Coordination w/ Outside Professionals: Accountants, Attorneys

Key Objectives & Growth

  • Cash, Capital & Debt Management
  • Probability Analysis w/ Goal Adjustments
  • Tax & Risk Diversification
  • Business Transition Planning
  • Key Employee Retention & Comp Strategies

Exit Strategy Plan

  • Written Exit Strategy

Legacy Planning

  • Lifetime Income Plan
  • Identity Protection Plan
  • Health Insurance Cost Strategies

Complex Business & Exit Planning

Includes All Established Planning Services, Plus:

Risk Management

  • Continuation Planning
  • Access to Advanced Planning Specialists

Tax Planning

  • Cost Basis Planning
  • Business Transfer of Value Tax Strategy
  • Tax Mitigation Strategies

Key Objectives & Growth

  • Board of Advisors Creation
  • Business Evaluation
  • Liquidity & Bonding Strategies
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Employee Stock Option Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Capital & Debt Management
  • Benefits Package Audit Rank & File and C Level

Exit Strategy Plan

  • Succession Plan
  • Evaluation Strategies

Legacy Planning

  • Charitable Gift Planning
  • Estate Transition Planning
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