A good financial advisory firm knows its clients and responds to their needs. A great one anticipates those needs and has solutions at the ready.
Gambin Financial Group falls into the latter. For more than a decade, the firm has designed tailored, proactive ways to help clients forge unique financial paths—from business owners needing holistic advice to, more recently, women investors whose experiences around wealth demand an altogether different approach.

“Our mission is to align our clients’ planning with their goals,” says Bernadette Girvin, CEO of Gambin Financial Group. “To do that, we take the time to slow down, be present, and listen.”

Minding Your Business

Having worked with thousands of business owners, Gambin financial professionals possess an intuitive understanding of this cohort.

“They’re usually consumed with their businesses on a daily basis,” Girvin says. “We make it clear that we’ll never compete with their attention, because that business is where they’ll see their highest rate of return.”

To help business owners diversify their wealth without impacting their bottom lines, Gambin financial professionals employ balance sheet strategies that help ensure access to emergency dollars and allocate funds in ways that honor long- and short-term planning.

Gambin draws additional insight from a vetted financial board of financial professionals who lean in on business matters like employee benefits, payroll services, and corporate structure.

“We don’t just talk about traditional investments with our business clients; we conduct a holistic audit to help make sure everything is set up for their long-term financial success,” Girvin says. “This is how we add value, rather than being another thing thrown onto their plates.”

Women in Wealth

Recently, Girvin came across an eye-opening statistic: In the next decade, the transfer of wealth from men to women in the U.S. is expected to be approximately $30 billion.

She started thinking about her women clients, many of whom demonstrate risk aversion and hesitancy around finances.

“The constructs around financial planning and investing are male-dominated, and it feels like there is an opportunity to do things differently,” Girvin says.

So, Girvin and her colleague Michelle Taylor created Women in Wealth (WIW), a preeminent financial planning experience through Gambin Financial Group that aims to change how women feel, think, and experience money.

Women in Wealth relies on a professional advisory board—bankers, CPAs, estate planners, and others—to help quarterback the planning needs of women clients. It also hosts financial planning seminars for local businesswomen, as well as other relationship-oriented events and experiences for women clients.

In Girvin’s vision, Women in Wealth creates a space for women to talk about finances while also offering customized financial services for a population that is both eager to learn and poised to grow.

“The low self-confidence in investment acumen and financial decision-making we’ve seen among women underscores our responsibility as advisors to listen to, advocate for, and educate women,” she says.

“We believe Women in Wealth can change the game in how women experience financial planning and investing.”

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